22 February 2009

Winning 1st place in the Ateneo Aquathlon

Winning 1st place in the Ateneo Aquathlon

My Sunday started a bit off today...
Woke up 4:45 AM to get ready for the Ateneo Aquathlon I joined this Morning,
Got a good breakfast (2 bananas, Peanut Butter Sandwich on California Raisin Bread,
On my way to the venue, BOOM!!!! got a TIRE BLOW OUT!!! FUCKING POT HOLES!!!!
At 6:00 AM I was changing a blown out tire in front of AFP Base, 
Finished changing the tire for the spare at 6:15,
Continued to Ateneo, got there just in time for the registration...

I did not expect winning 1st place but I did try to out-swim and out-run everyone in my age bracket. even Jake who is my old swimmer who trains for me in the Club.

1) Gold Medal for winning 1st place
2) VERY COOL underwater water plastic film camera from BEACH HUT [35mm film-reload-able] AWESOME!!!
3) Awesome Jammers from ARENA
4) Toothpaste from HAPEE
5) Toothbrush also from HAPEE
6) Aftershave from Master's

with just a registration of Php 350, I won over Php 5,000 worth of goodies! SWEET!

04 February 2009

Donny+Vanessa Nuptials (Shoot with Richard Lazaro)

Donny + Vanessa NuptialsDonny + Vanessa NuptialsDonny + Vanessa NuptialsDonny + Vanessa NuptialsDonny + Vanessa NuptialsDonny + Vanessa NuptialsDonny + Vanessa NuptialsDonny + Vanessa Nuptials
I recently worked with Photographer Richard Lazaro for a Wedding Shoot. And I have to say I did not expect a lot of things in a wedding shoot... the quiet yet busy Bridal Suite in Intercon Hotel, the lovely bridesmaids getting ready, the smaller smoke-filled deluxe room of the groom, the pictorial with the live glock 9mm hand gun, the running around taking photographs of everything I know about weddings.... It was a whirlwind! A lot can happen or not happen in a wedding shoot, for example, We wanted to do a pictorial by the Intercon Swimming pool before the ceremony but because time was always against us, we weren't able to that one. but I guess its always like that in wedding shoots, so we just had fun and did what we love the most. :D

I have never been so tired in taking photographs in my entire life, at the end of the wedding shoot my feet was hurting, my legs was cramping, and my back was just fatigued and sore...(TRUE STORY)... but all was worth it when I finally got to browse thru the photos in my borrowed macbookpro (Thanks Lesley!).

Again, Congratulations to Donny and Vanessa!
Hope you enjoy the Photos, We enjoyed taking them!