28 September 2007

Melancholy Skies

I painted a set of this series. Tita Annie Ang bought it for display in her home in Cebu. I think she got it for 500 pesos each if I’m not mistaken. My mother couldn’t let go of it because she loved the compositions. I told her I still have a lot to paint for her but I think she still has a couple of sets with her for keeps at home.

As a young boy

My father took this photo. Amazing composition! I scanned it from an old album. I really like the way this photo was captured—the candid shot of a young boy having a simple carefree time. I was probably 3 years old in this photo--A very old photo.

As a Swimmer

I grew up in the water! Haha! Water and swimming was crafted around my life. These photos were taken when I was 14-16 years old. I learned swimming at the age of 4, competed in swimming races till I was 24, then continued teaching and coaching kids swimming as a profession.

Sunflower Paintings

I wonder how it was painting this image. I can’t seem to remember. I don’t think I can paint anymore, although it would be awesome to try again. I painted this when I was in college. I gave Tita Carol Roco some of the paintings, and maybe bought some of for her staircase wall.

My Baby Photos

My mother looked very beautiful in this photo sporting that old-fashioned hair-do! Haha! She is the most beautiful person in the whole world! I scanned this photo from an old album and edited in Photoshop to get back some of the faded colors.

Self-Portrait inside the NSX

Tri-pod mounted camera on timer mode. Post-editing in Photoshop

23 September 2007

My Vanilla Sky

This used to be my view from my living area window. I did post editing in Photoshop CS2, I tried vanilla Sky color combinations. Square crop for my LIFE series composition.

Self Portrait for Life Series

An old photo I took my old Canon 20D SLR. I took this photo in front of my mirror and flip the canon logo to make it look like someone else took the photo. I did post editing in Photoshop CS2. Square crop for my Life Series composition.

02 September 2007

Portrait at Sapphire Princess (Sunset)

My sister mariel took this photo. thanks to her!


Mildford Sound, Fiordlands National Park, New Zealand

I took this shot when the ship did a u-turn in the lagoon. I was surprise to know that a huge ship can do a complete turn in such a small space, it was revolving like a turn table.

Fiordland National Park, New Zealand

We got to New Zealand at dawn. I remember it was very chilly and still dark when we approached Fiordlands, people was just waking to see the exquisite serenity of the Fiordlands. I can also remember taking photos of the crisp line of the mountains contrast the dark silhouette of the sky. It was a great feeling slowly sailing into a lagoon where the mountain ridges is just about 50 feet away from the ship. You can practically see what kind of vegetation it had, and sometime it got really close to the mountain. Its my first time to see snow-capped mountains so it was really a great experience.

We were on New Zealand's south island so it was really really cold.

Nadiia Khodakovska

Beauty and Music.
One of the Loveliest, Nicest, and sweetest person I met during my Australia and New Zealand Cruise. She is Ukrainian. Her string Quartet played the most charming music on board. She is very talented and very humble as well, she practices hard and enchants everyone on board the ship with her violin. I love her! she is very special. we met up for cocktails. She and her friends were my date during my last night on board the Sapphire Princess. We had Champagne on Sky Walkers Lounge. Awesome to have met Nadiia! One of my favorite crew on board! We still keep in touch and i can't wait to see her again.

I Made a short video using their very own "all I ask of you" and uploaded it in youtube. Its a photo essay made into a music video.
Nadiia is very beautiful, don't you think? I think she's very LOVELY!


Maria Sharapova

Ahh the Maria Sharapova experience... I took this shot in Melbourne, Australia at the Australian Open Qualifying rounds. An awesome experience! haha

I can just see myself taking this photograph, i wasn't shaking or anything but it was truly a heart-stopping moment. haha! The very beautiful Russian, Maria Sharapova Ladies and Gentlemen.

A view of the Sydney Opera House from the Ocean

I took these set of shots from the Sapphire cruise ship while we set sail for Melbourne. The Sydney Opera House is just awesome to look at sailing away. I guess if you're a tourist you'll be surprise of its awesome Beauty.

Family Photo at Sydney Opera House

It's actually a quick family photo when the Sapphire started to sail for Melbourne. I like this photo very mmuch because someone--I don't know who, was able to capture an awesome moment where the sydney opera house is just behind us and moving. great snap shot! Unfortunately Kuya Eric and his family couldn't be with us in the photo, we just told ourselves that we'll get another great Family snap shot with Kuya Eric and his Family soon.

One of the greatest Sail ports in the world is in Sydney Harbour. The Amazing Sydney Opera House and Sydney Harbour Bridge is just awesome to look at sailing away. Its truly an unforgetable experience for alot of us.

We submitted this photo to the Princess Cruise Photo Contest.

Arcs - Sydney Opera House

The famous arcs of the Sydney Opera House, Joern Utzon's vision of a structure that shaped the world’s most famous Opera House. I got the inspiration of taking this photo from a fine art photo I saw when I was in the city. It was a photo by a nature photographer Peter Lik. His collections are truly inspirational.

Sydney Opera House at Night

I took this shot from the Sapphire Princess Deck--which is about 15 storeys high, which gave me a great angle and perspective to take photos. We were on our way to Melbourne, and we had a day at sea before we get there.

at Bondi Beach, Sydney, Australia

We had a couple of hours to spare before embarkation so we went to the beach, Bondi Beach! Awesome! Lots and lots of Australian Beauties! My sister Mariel took the photo. I did the post-editing in photoshop. My favorite style/effect - Chiaroscuro.

Self-Portrait at Sydney Opera House

My sister took the photo. I did the post-editing in Photoshop. I like the angle where this photo was taken, the opera house is just enormous to fit on a regular lens but with a wide angle it makes a whole lot of difference shooting at this distance. The arcs of the opera house just cuts thru the photo.

I tried a cross-processed effect on the photo, a mix of over-saturated and deeper color depths--vivid photograph. It was one of those moments when all the people around the place disappeared and gave us a chance to take a single photo where there weren’t people on the frame—the Opera house they say is always packed with visitors. Fantastic Timing!

Sydney Opera House

Portrait at Sydney Opera House

We finally got to see the Sydney Opera House after half a days walking and eating. It was a great experience because for me i really wanted to see this Opera House in person--It's in my wish list that i have to visit, and take a photo of places lists. Anyway, we tried waiting for the sunset but days were longer during summertime and it got very chilly by the bay so we had to back to the hotel. We had lobster sandwiches at the wharf. delicious sandwiches, delicious and darn expensive. haha!

01 September 2007

Sydney Harbour Bridge

Sydney Harbour is one of the most amazing Harbour cities in the planet. It features the iconic Sydney Opera House on one side and the Sydney Harbour Bridge on the other side.

I took this photo when we went out for a walk by the bay on our way to the Sydney Opera House.

Portrait by the Sydney Harbour Bridge

My Sister Mariel took this photo. Behind me is the Amazing Sydney Harbour Bridge. We were on our way to the Sydney Opera House when this photo was taken, we were walking around the Quay to visit shops, take photos, eat, take photos, enjoy the stunning beauty of a Harbour City, and take photos. haha!

I would definitely love to go back to Sydney--amazing city!

At Cockle Bay Wharf

We were on our way to the Sydney Opera House and we had lunch at Cockle Bay Wharf. I think we had Sub Way Sandwiches by the boardwalk. Anyway, we decided that we should cross the bridge over looking the Wharf and hop on a bus on the other side of the river. My sister Mariel probably took this photo, and behind me is I think Australian Navy Ship and Submarine.