31 August 2007

Manila Bulletin Feature

My Brasil and other favorite Photos were featured at a Local Newspaper for Photography. Texts written by Raffy Paredes

Me and Kuya Eric

Photo taken by Kuya Alvin. Me and Kuya Eric doing stunt jumps for action shot settings 3 frames per second with flash. haha! funny faces ofcourse caught on camera!

Boracay Sailboats

One of the most pleasurable experiences during a trip to Boracay is watching the setting sun takes its rather quick and surprisingly recurring sunsets. After a long day a long day baking under the tropical sunshine—tourists and inhabitants never fail to appreciate a Boracay sunset. Tourists relax and enjoy the transition of colors and hues which charms our human eyes and pleasure our natural high for calming beauty.
It is also a great experience if you hire a sail boat and sail throughout the sunset—truly an experience to treasure for a lifetime. I prefer taking photos from the shoreline where people go about their daily sunset recreation. And snap every way I can with my camera. And at this photo, I captured the beauty of people and children silhouettes with the sailboat on the horizon contrasting colors with the sun setting. Truly an image to take with me every time I see the sun setting.

Serene Boracay

Taking a look back from where I took this photo, I’ve never seen Boracay beach this calm and exquisite. During summer time or peak season, Boracay is over-flowing of vacationing, party-going, and paradise-seeking tourists from every corner of the world. But at this time of the year (October-November), and during low seasons, the beach is just beautiful and breath-taking from every direction you look without the crowd knowing you there just to relax and enjoy the plethora of a tropical island.
I still remember from the exact moment when I took this photo, looking out at the long shore line in front of my hotel enjoying a cold beer on one hand, and my camera on the other hand. Just by looking at this photo again and again, brings me back to that moment of total submission to the magnificent beauty and serenity of Boracay Island.

Self portrait in Boracay

Don-don took this shot and I think it’s his first time to hold a DSLR. Haha! Kuya Alvin was visiting to plan his wedding in Boracay. It was my first time in Boracay and I really enjoyed it. The weather was awesome and it was just paradise. I was with Kuya Alvin, his wife Janice, son Jake, Tito Ding, Tita Pilar, Don-don, and Kuya Eric.

We all did crazy stunts for Photographs. Kuya Eric jumped on cliffs, did back flips, nose dive in the beach, and parasailed with Kuya Alvin. It was just an Amazing Vacation.
I'm so excited for Kuya Alvins Wedding when the whole family will be together again! It will be a blast!

17 August 2007

Sea of Clouds

Look down on the clouds!
It’s an amazing feeling!

Daylight above

I took this shot on our way home from Rio de Janeiro to Paris from a very small window of a 747 jet. It’s the Daylight above the clouds.

A silhouette of an aircraft's wing flying above the clouds.

It’s a daylight

I took this shot on our way home from Rio de Janeiro to Paris. It’s a Sunrise from above. It’s just simply beautiful and ecstatic to see sunrise/sunset from above. The exchange of colors in the 39,000 feet horizon, looking down the clouds, the mood it creates. I Love it!

I was trying to catch the solar flare just below the aircraft's wings.

I always wanted to capture an image looking down on earth. It must be a life changing experience. And it seems that I’m getting close in this shot. hahaha! If only the aircraft can go much higher!

39,000 feet over the Amazon

I took this shot from way above, 39,000 feet if I’m not mistaken, on our way home from Rio de Janeiro to Paris, a sunset from above.

Christ the Redeemer

Located on the tip of the Corcovado mountain 710m above sea level, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil. The Statue Stands 31m tall and the arms spreads 30m. I was really looking forward to see Jesus the Redeemer in person and it’s almost heart stopping just to be there looking up to him. I was really disappointed when I got to the mountain because it was foggy and not a good day to take photos. I just told myself that I’ll come back soon. Nevertheless it was a glorious moment.


Valeria Ortiz Villalobos

I met Valeria in Copacabana during the world champs. She was having her hair braided in a night market when we approached her. She was with some of her team mates. They were all very nice and very pretty. haha! She was very friendly and spoke fluent English so it was easy to talk to her. Her team mates didn't speak much English so we only got to talk to her. Nevertheless, they were very nice! We still keep in touch thru messaging, e-mail and post. We send each other post cards from places we visit too. Valeria - one of the nicest people I met in Brasil. A lovely one too! Oh the girl beside her is Natalie, also from Costa Rica. Cute!



with Luiza Hryniewicz at the World Championships after party.

Self-Portrait in Brasil

Mark Tano took this shot. Nice angle and composition. I edited the colors to blend the background to my shirt. I tweaked the contrast and exposure.

He may have accidentally caught the young blonde to my right which is a great contrast to the whole image and added a little bit of Paparazzi style.

Lovely Luiza

I love this shot, the way she moved sideways turning her head, jaws and mouth dropping as if shocked. The way the light bounced off her shoulders, the way it lit her lovely face. Just amazingly gorgeous!!! PAPPARAZZI STYLE!

Throw your hands up in the air!

The Rio 2006 After Party Scene. I just love the way this young girl threw her hands up, dancing, looking very very sexy! Clubbing action caught on camera!

Throw your hands up in the air!

The Rio 2006 After Party Scene. An experience no one can ever take away from those who were there to party. I love the way this young english girl threw her hands, fingers pointing up, smiling, and just looking at the camera loving that she is being photographed PAPPARAZZI STYLE! hahaha!

Young Blonde at Rio 2006 After Party

I took this shot during the after party of the World Championships.

I Love this shot because of the dancing very lovely young blonde, the way her magnificent hair fell down, and the way she shifted sideways looking down. It’s just amazing, I love it.

I tried the wide angle crop to add a little bit of drama around her. Even though there were a lot of people dancing in every direction, she was still the center of attention. CLUBBING ACTION CAUGHT ON CAMERA! hahaha! Paparazzi style!


Young and lovely Polish girl Luiza Hryniewicz.

16 August 2007

Rio 2006 After Party

The After Party was one of the Highlights of the World Championships, everyone was dancing, cheering, like a rave party. A few of them even manage to make out on the dance floor and they're not yet even 18 years old. I'll call this party world youth champs gone wild! hahaha!

I took this shot with a semi-long exposure hand held Canon 20d to catch the light trails of the dancing neon glow sticks. i wanted to try the strobo in my 580ex but i think there was not enought battery to pop more than twice. it would have been a good multi-exposed shot. next time!

Corcovado Sunset

One of my most favorite shots of the Corcovado and Cristo Redentor. The way the sky cleared with just the moon visible. The Foreground and Background just blended together creating a grayscale silhouette of the Corcovado.

I took this shot from the hotel. An awesome sight during sundown, you can see the glitter of smaller lights switching on around 6:00 o'clock contrasting the crescent moon just above the Corcovado Mountain.

Girls from Ipanema

Took the shot in Ipanema, Rio de Janeiro. Two lovely brazillian women were just playing what looked like racket ball or squash.

The Beach was excellent, full of brazillian beauty. hahaha! It was a sunday and I think alot of tourist and brazillians from different cities around Brasil visits Rio de Janeiro every weekend for the beach.

We still managed to surf that day even if the water was very very cold.

Foot Volley in Ipanema

A Brazilian plays with a football in Ipanema beach, Rio de Janeiro.
Amazing how they can play beach volleyball with their feet. These guys can volley the ball over a net a lot of times before the ball touches the ground. its crazy!

I took this shot during the World Championships in Brasil August 2006.


With Team Chile

One of the nicest teams we were with in the World Champs. The Chileans like any other Latin American women are very Espanola-gorgeous. hahaha! Although the language barrier has been a very disappointing wall among teams the Chileans were actually very very friendly even if they can't speak English very well.

Lovers in Copacabana

Amazing how 'people in love' just do it whenever they feel like it. I Love it! It was a good day to take photos of lovers. haha!
It was also the "season of strings" in Rio de Janeiro. Awesome!

Sun drenched in Copacabana

I took this shot in Copacabana beach, Rio de Janeiro. I loved the way she stood facing the Atlantic, her skin bronzed by the sun, contrasting the blue sky, and deep blue-green of the ocean. Amazing Brazilian beauty!

Mother and Child in Copacabana

I Love the moment I froze the shot. It seems that they were just waiting there, staying still, exact positions, looking far in the Atlantic Ocean. As if waiting for something to come their way.

Brazilian Lovers in Copacabana

I took the shot in Copacabana beach in Rio de Janeiro, Brasil. The Lovers were quite a sight--hugging and kissing beach front Atlantic Ocean. I took alot of shots and they didn't mind at all. The young lady even gave me a look then went back to kissing.

Father and Child in Copacabana

I took this shot in Copacabana Beach, Rio de Janeiro. It was an excellent day to take pictures. There was lots of picture-perfect-postcard-image all waiting for the clicking.

Cecilia with her Brother

Blonde Barbie doll with chuckie! hahaha! I love the way this shot captured cecilia touching her little brother's blonde hair. The kid, looking away was just a great sight.

Mother and Child from Sweden

A little bit of play between Mommy and her son inside the bus going back to the hotel.

I took out my camera inside the bus, took shots from every direction, you'll never know what memories you can freeze.


This Swedish Kid was antsy when i took pictures of him inside the bus in Rio de Janeiro, Brasil. He was making Faces the whole time and was jumping around the bus that's why mommy had to restrain him. haha!

Young Kid from Sweden

The kid was getting ready to bite! hahaha! He didn't like me taking pictures of him and his family. hahaha!

Kid from Sweden

This handsome young kid is the little brother of Cecilia--the pretty young girl from Sweden. They are all pretty! hahaha! Like stuffed toys and stuffed dolls with blonde hair, colored eyes, and fair skin--just adorable!

I Love this shot. The kid was just listening to his sister's conversation with his daddy. Eyes wide open in curiosity. I think he was eves-dropping. hahaha!

Young girl from Sweden

I took this shot inside the bus going to the hotel. I thought this young pretty Swedish looks just like a Barbie doll. Actually they all look like blonde BARBIE DOLLS! They're all so pretty and cute and you would want to play with them. Hahaha!

It’s really awesome to take a photo of a lovely girl with great hair and eye color, it has more contrast and depth. Amazing!

Young Kid from Sweden

I took this shot inside the bus during the Rio de Janeiro World Champs. I love how the kid just sat down investigating his finger nails. His amazing blonde hair just glimmers from the available light outside the bus.

with Swedish Barbie dolls

Swedish Barbie Dolls! Cecilia, Sandra and i can't remember the other one. hahaha! It’s difficult to listen when you're concentrating on beauty. hahaha!

Daniel Coakley's Dive

Great Dive! Took this shot during warm-ups in the World Champs. The only Filipino to reach the semis--Daniel. Really cool guy, talented, very nice and humble.