24 December 2007

Alvin+Janice Wedding at Boracay (December 19th 2007)

I realized like almost all of the parties I go to with my Camera, I'm like 1% captured and photographed during the party! It SUCKS!!! We need more photographers in the family! Do only other person I can think of taking my photo is Kuya Alvin and He's getting married!!! hahaha! But but... I enjoy taking photographs so it makes up for it! and You guys are very Lucky =P

Again, Cheers and Congratulations to Mr & Mrs Alvin+Janice De Guzman! I hope you will enjoy viewing the photos. As for everyone else! next time bring a camera and flickr it!!! --don't forget to add me as contact! I need to see myself captured and photographed more than 1%! HAHAHA!


Video from Jason Magbanua

23 December 2007

at Boracay, December 16-21 2007

After 5 days of Partying and drinking all out in Boracay, I came home sick and feeling terrible, swearing not to drink a single drop of alcohol for a couple of weeks! together with a very long hangover is getting food poisoning! how terrible can it get going home?

Its a long story...
Its terrible to take a bumpy shuttle ride from the hotel to the almost market-full of people pier. taking a wavy boat ride to the other side of the island, and getting on a van with a driver who thinks he's Schumacher driving a sports car. waiting at the airport, getting on a plane, getting of a plane, waiting for a cab, getting to bed. It took us 12 hours from hotel to my bed!--12 hours of Torture! and all this while I was feeling feverish, nausea, and stomach sick.

Its Crazy crazy looking at the photos we took during the parties, I get sick to my stomach all over again! haha! really had too much to drink! anyway, I'm still sorting out photos so hopefully I finish everything before new years!

On this photo is my drunken brotha, Eric! taken from a view on my MacBookPro!

Jake Evan De Guzman Portraits

08 December 2007

Jake Portraits

Photo by: ALvin Jay De Guzman
After Effects By: Jonathan Roco De Guzman

26 November 2007

Blast from the Past (Restored Old Photographs)

A Collection of restored photographs from the old days where long hair on men was fashionable and tight collared shirt was sexy in every way possible. Bell Bottoms, Mini skirts, semi-Afro on my mom, dirty ice creams, the Bee Gees, and the Beatles to go with every photograph taken by my dad. haha!


25 November 2007

Jaden Lucas De Guzman Baptism

Baby Jaden Lucas De Guzman Christening at the St. Jerome Parish, Alabang Town Center. Luncheon followed at Gerry's Restaurant where we had almost all of Kuya's favorite Filipino food. On this photo is my brother and proud father Eric Jan and his Baby Jaden Lucas.


12 November 2007

Jake Evan De Guzman Portraits

Photo By: Alvin Jay De Guzman
After Effects by: Jonathan Roco De Guzman

06 November 2007

Life Series 02 - US experience 2007

A Life in Pictures: Absolutely satisfying beyond words!


Panoramic Photographs - USA 2007

I took these set of shots with several images panning the camera to get the desired panoramic view. I used Adobe Photoshop CS3 photomerge to create the panoramic images. Its a huge image in my original file. 9 inches in height and 42 inches in length - wide wide angle image. haha! Prints are for sale for only 100 USD. Buy now and get a free TanMan Photographie T-Shirt. haha!

Life in Pictures Posters

I got the idea from a slogan i saw in Getty Images. haha! Home made posters are really funny when you see people you know are also endorsing something like this slogan. "Life In Pictures: truly satisfying beyond words!"

28 October 2007

TanMan Photographie

I just started experimenting on photoshop and illustrator effects and compositions and this is my first work with mixing medias. I'm happy about how it turned out because it was just like painting in a canvas with trial and errors, and a countless undos... haha!

27 October 2007

Yosemite Pine trees

I took this shots in Yosemite National Park. We drove out there for the day. The place was amazing! postcard beauty! haha! it wasn't snowing yet at the lower areas but it was definetly cold already.

We were suppose to go to a very high view point where you can see just about everyhting in Yosemite, but the road was slippery and icy already and our car didn't have snow wheels on. so we went around the park for a few hours instead, We saw bears, deers, chipmunks, squirrels, cayote, etc. Nature trip!

It was like being in the Grand Canyon all over again but the rock formations have trees in them unlike the grand canyon where you'll be lucky to get a shade from a tree.

26 October 2007

Portraits at the Beach, SF

Mariel took this shot. I was walking towards the shore where the sun was setting. Edited to Chiaroscuro effect. square cropped for the life series collages.

Kite Surfer at sunset, SF

I took this shot just before the kite surfer passed the glaring sun. its hard to focus the camera at very high lighting especially lights coming from the sun. it is blinding for the camera, I didn't even look in the view finder to take this photo.

I took alot of trial photos but eventually got a good one.

School of seagulls

I took this in a beach in San Francisco facing the Pacific Ocean. It was Breezy out there and it was amazing to see this flock of birds soring in one place because the wind is too strong.

They are stationary in one location for a few minutes gliding and enjoying the powerful breeze of the pacific ocean. it was almost sunset so it was great to take photos of the cear blueish sky turning into shades of red.

25 October 2007

The Golden Gate Bridge

We were blessed that the Golden Gate Bridge showed itself without fogs! Awesome day to take photographs. We took turns taking portraits infront of the bridge ofcourse!

I have a few collection photogrpahs of bridges, The Sydney Harbour Bridge, The Brooklyn Bridge, The Golden Gate, and some local bridges. I guess i can make it to a set now.

There are a few must have photos of bridges i know of like the Le Ponte De Normandie in France, the Clifton Suspension Bridge in England, and the Millau bridge in France which will take motorist to the sky! haha! its the tallest suspension bridge in the world. crazy frenchies!

The Best Clam Chowder in the world!

When in San Francisco, do not forget to visit and eat in CHOWDERS at Fisherman's wharf! Its to die for! absolutely the most delicious clam chowder in the world! I can't wait to go back!

18 October 2007

Golden Gate Leap

Absolutely KUDOS to my sister! I love this photo! Excellent timing and Composition! haha! Anyway, I did some post editing at Photoshop CS3. square cropped for my Life-Series Collages.

We took turns in taking photographs for the Golden Gate Leap. Everyone has the same photograph, My Dad, My Mom, my sister Mariel, and even a Dude from SF gave it a try to show off! haha I'll post the photo as well! haha! Careen was with us that day, I think She took the car close to the bridge where we're going to meet up with her.

Anyway awesome Photograph!

Oh, here is the dude I was telling you about! haha! funny looking guy!

Brooklyn Bridge

Took this shot at the Brooklyn bridge New York City. I was with kuya Alvin that night and we were experimenting on taking nightshots and nightscapes. We were on our way to Soho and the lower East side for a saturday night gimmick. We spent alot of time on the bridge and it was damn far from where we parked. It was chilly already this time of the year. late september. anyway, I wasn't able to take a photograph of the whole bridge but we took alot of photographs on the walkway, taking aim of the city skyline, light trails, etc.

Venus at the MET

The Goddess of Love and Beauty in Roman Times. Immortalize by this sculpture displayed in the Metropolitant Museum, New York City. I like Roman Sculpture because of the very romantic style of the Human Bodies, where everything is still somewhat rounded and natural, but still very sexy, like Rachel Weisz's Body profile.--very very sexy!

Anyway, I took alot of photo inside the MET and I have to say, MET is one of the TOP PLACES WHERE YOU CAN FIND THE MOST BEAUTIFUL WOMEN IN NY. Too bad, I just can't take photos of them. haha!

Portrait at Golden Gate

Another photograph taken by my sister Mariel. - Kudos to her for still including me in the intentionally offside composition. haha! very very good offside candid shot!

We took turns in taking photographs with the Bridge behind us. it was a good day to take photographs because there were no fog! great great day!

I tried a silver gelatin effect on the later image.

The Palace of Fine Arts

Too this shot at the Palace of Fine Arts in San Francisco. Awesome Architecture and Landscape Architecture combined.

It was awesome to be there because the Park was just absolutely breath taking. absolutely beautiful. and enormously grandeur.

NYC Skyline (light streaks)

Took this shot at the Brooklyn Bridge platform taking aim at the New York City Skyline. I tried the slow shutter speed and added some camera shake to get the light streaks of the buildings.

I love this shot because of the dynamic feel of the image. just like a visualization in itunes/winamp. awesome color display and movements.

I was with kuya Alvin when I took this, we were experimenting on nightshots with our cameras.

NYC Skyline

A view of the New York City Skyline with the famous Empire State Building towering over the little ones.

I took this shot from the New Jersey side of the river on our way home to Yacienda.

Took a couple of shots around the area with different focal lengths and post edited in Photoshop CS3.

Holland Tunnel Vision

Took this secretly inside the Holland tunnel en route to NJ from NYC, They don't allow people taking photographs inside the tunnel because of the terrorists threats in NYC. Anyway, I didn't find out until after i took a couple of shots, my cousin told me its not allowed to take photos inside the tunnel. haha!

I took this with a slow shutter speed to capture the light streaks and motion blurred movements of lights, cars, pavements, lanes, etc. Tunneling vision!

17 October 2007

The Statue of Liberty

Took these shots at Liberty Island, New York. Also a must have photo if you're in New York City--The Statue of Liberty should also get a portrait shot from everybody. The sky was clear and it was an awesome day for taking photographs, although you might have to look for a good angle with the sunlight to avoid shadows and glares. There were alot of view points for taking photographs at Liberty, too bad the twin towers weren't there anymore.--F@CKING TERRORISTS!
It would have been awesome to take a photo of the NYC skyline with them.

Oh and, ever wonder why is she colored pale green?!? its because she is made of copper. copper + oxidation = pale green.

I love the photo with the seagull at its flight, just a perfect angle with the Statue behind and a lens glare cast.

Family Portrait at Liberty

In this photo: beside me is Kuya Alvin, my Dad, my sister Mariel, and my Mom.

NYC TAXI (NYC Yellow Cab)

I took these set of photos while we were walking around Times Square. Iconic Yellow Taxi Cabs from New York City is a must have photo.

Anyway, I have a bucket of yellow cab photos with different styles and effects.--From on hand-held camera shakes, panning, zooming, slow shutter speeds, etc.

Did post editing on Photoshop CS3.