30 July 2008

Belle du Jour! Parisien :)

Belle du jour! Parisien :)

25 July 2008


Norwegian Girlsfrom Russia with LOVEI have been told many many times that Europe is going to be beautiful! I always thought I'd like to see it for myself and experience what the Fuss is all about Europe anyway. Now, I never had a chance to come see and experience Europe until 3 weeks ago when I finally packed a few things, clothes, my laptop, and of course for the Kodak moment, my Canon 5D and my new candy colored Holga...

And as for any Beautiful City or Location comes the Beautiful women which makes it more exciting!

07 July 2008

My overhauled Canon EOS 5D

Canon 5D overhauledAfter weeks and weeks of painful wait. I finally got my Canon EOS 5D back from the service center... courtesy of CANON PHILIPPINES. All I asked them to do was 1. clean my camera 2. do a general check up 3. give it back to me in less than a week. instead they wanted to give back my camera with a little dot on my viewfinder (which I asked the technician to clean on the spot), replaced shutter mechanism (which cost a fortune!), and over a month of service (the painful wait).--TRUE STORY!

and all this with my persistent follow up and begging if they could work on my camera faster... I was really disappointed on how they handle costumers' cameras. they had to do a lot of calibration, cleaning, programing, etc etc... and they'll give back your camera with something less than the service you expected! really disappointing!

but but they did their best--the supervisor even help me to get my camera fixed faster. they had to call Singapore to download Operating Systems, programs that will be compatible with my 5D. etc etc ---TRUE STORY

now my new overhauled Canon EOS 5D is packed and ready for our LEGENDARY EURO TRIP!!!