24 December 2007

Alvin+Janice Wedding at Boracay (December 19th 2007)

I realized like almost all of the parties I go to with my Camera, I'm like 1% captured and photographed during the party! It SUCKS!!! We need more photographers in the family! Do only other person I can think of taking my photo is Kuya Alvin and He's getting married!!! hahaha! But but... I enjoy taking photographs so it makes up for it! and You guys are very Lucky =P

Again, Cheers and Congratulations to Mr & Mrs Alvin+Janice De Guzman! I hope you will enjoy viewing the photos. As for everyone else! next time bring a camera and flickr it!!! --don't forget to add me as contact! I need to see myself captured and photographed more than 1%! HAHAHA!


Video from Jason Magbanua

23 December 2007

at Boracay, December 16-21 2007

After 5 days of Partying and drinking all out in Boracay, I came home sick and feeling terrible, swearing not to drink a single drop of alcohol for a couple of weeks! together with a very long hangover is getting food poisoning! how terrible can it get going home?

Its a long story...
Its terrible to take a bumpy shuttle ride from the hotel to the almost market-full of people pier. taking a wavy boat ride to the other side of the island, and getting on a van with a driver who thinks he's Schumacher driving a sports car. waiting at the airport, getting on a plane, getting of a plane, waiting for a cab, getting to bed. It took us 12 hours from hotel to my bed!--12 hours of Torture! and all this while I was feeling feverish, nausea, and stomach sick.

Its Crazy crazy looking at the photos we took during the parties, I get sick to my stomach all over again! haha! really had too much to drink! anyway, I'm still sorting out photos so hopefully I finish everything before new years!

On this photo is my drunken brotha, Eric! taken from a view on my MacBookPro!

Jake Evan De Guzman Portraits

08 December 2007

Jake Portraits

Photo by: ALvin Jay De Guzman
After Effects By: Jonathan Roco De Guzman