26 June 2008

My new Toy! --HOLGA CMY

My Holga CMY :))After 3 weeks of long,painful but patient wait... the Lomographic shipping Box arrived! Thanks to my cousins over at Garden State New Jersey, Kuya Alvin, Ate Janice, Kuya Jeremy and Lomographic Society over at Brooklyn, NYC! box was loaded with a Holga CMY Starter kit, a Lomo LC-A T-Shirt, and 40 rolls of Konika 400 120 film. AWESOME!

I was so excited to open and try out my new candy colored, medium format loading, don't think just shoot camera HOLGA CMY that I opened it while driving going home. haha! true story! :P This is AWESOME! and is going to be a Legendary Holga experience!

07 June 2008

Tuna on Plastic Lenses (Holga by Evan UY)

Tuna on Plastic Lenses (Holga by Evan Uy)Tuna on Plastic Lenses (Holga by Evan UY)
Holga by Evan Uy

06 June 2008

Tuna at 5 months

TanManPhoto_05302008_MG_6807a copyNow at 5 Months, Tuna has been the same healthy puppy. He still likes girls alot (He follows them around), wags his tail every time there are girls around. He likes to play with his whistle sounding chew ball. He also likes to eat steak, salmon, and ICE CREAM. haha :)) Sometimes He is very very playful, plays tag with me on the roof deck. He is sometimes naughty chewing on things he shouldn't be chewing, eating things and food he shouldn't be eating, doesn't eat dog food much which he should be eating... haha! oh well, He still is very adorable puppy.

oh here is a photo (polaroid) taken by my sister... very funny! I used to throw Tuna up in the Air saying Flying Tuna!!! and He seems to like it very much! haha! but now at 5 months, I don't think I can still throw him up in the air anymore because he is a heavy weight alright....
Flying Tuna

when I just got him... sooo cute and cuddly!!!

Summer Portraits

TanManPhoto_06042008_MG_6996a copyTanManPhoto_05302008_MG_6772a copyTanManPhoto_05302008_MG_6781a copyTanManPhoto_05302008_MG_6787a copyTanManPhoto_06022008_MG_6956a copyTanManPhoto_05312008_MG_6857a copyTanManPhoto_05312008_MG_6863a copyTanManPhoto_05312008_MG_6864a copyTanManPhoto_05312008_MG_6877a copy

02 June 2008

Portraits of Swimmers