07 July 2008

My overhauled Canon EOS 5D

Canon 5D overhauledAfter weeks and weeks of painful wait. I finally got my Canon EOS 5D back from the service center... courtesy of CANON PHILIPPINES. All I asked them to do was 1. clean my camera 2. do a general check up 3. give it back to me in less than a week. instead they wanted to give back my camera with a little dot on my viewfinder (which I asked the technician to clean on the spot), replaced shutter mechanism (which cost a fortune!), and over a month of service (the painful wait).--TRUE STORY!

and all this with my persistent follow up and begging if they could work on my camera faster... I was really disappointed on how they handle costumers' cameras. they had to do a lot of calibration, cleaning, programing, etc etc... and they'll give back your camera with something less than the service you expected! really disappointing!

but but they did their best--the supervisor even help me to get my camera fixed faster. they had to call Singapore to download Operating Systems, programs that will be compatible with my 5D. etc etc ---TRUE STORY

now my new overhauled Canon EOS 5D is packed and ready for our LEGENDARY EURO TRIP!!!