26 October 2008

Portraits in Scandinavia + Russia

Portraits onboard Crown PrincessPortraits onboard Crown PrincessPortraits onboard Crown Princessat St. Petersburg, RussiaPortraits onboard Crown Princess Cruise Ship


Jan said...

love love the portraits esp of tita.
we got a canon dvd yesterday so we can learn the tricks of the 5D more. esp taking portraits of jake.

Tan Man said...

Thanks Jan! I just got the Postcard you guys sent from Dubai! an addition to my collection :) I've gotten a few again this year :D tell Kuya and Jake thanks for me! I had Lunch with Kuya Eric today and We are planning to go to take a "Lost in Translation" trip to Tokyo together :) haha maybe my Bday on March... got to save up!

What kind of Canon DVD???