31 August 2007

Serene Boracay

Taking a look back from where I took this photo, I’ve never seen Boracay beach this calm and exquisite. During summer time or peak season, Boracay is over-flowing of vacationing, party-going, and paradise-seeking tourists from every corner of the world. But at this time of the year (October-November), and during low seasons, the beach is just beautiful and breath-taking from every direction you look without the crowd knowing you there just to relax and enjoy the plethora of a tropical island.
I still remember from the exact moment when I took this photo, looking out at the long shore line in front of my hotel enjoying a cold beer on one hand, and my camera on the other hand. Just by looking at this photo again and again, brings me back to that moment of total submission to the magnificent beauty and serenity of Boracay Island.