31 August 2007

Boracay Sailboats

One of the most pleasurable experiences during a trip to Boracay is watching the setting sun takes its rather quick and surprisingly recurring sunsets. After a long day a long day baking under the tropical sunshine—tourists and inhabitants never fail to appreciate a Boracay sunset. Tourists relax and enjoy the transition of colors and hues which charms our human eyes and pleasure our natural high for calming beauty.
It is also a great experience if you hire a sail boat and sail throughout the sunset—truly an experience to treasure for a lifetime. I prefer taking photos from the shoreline where people go about their daily sunset recreation. And snap every way I can with my camera. And at this photo, I captured the beauty of people and children silhouettes with the sailboat on the horizon contrasting colors with the sun setting. Truly an image to take with me every time I see the sun setting.