31 August 2007

Self portrait in Boracay

Don-don took this shot and I think it’s his first time to hold a DSLR. Haha! Kuya Alvin was visiting to plan his wedding in Boracay. It was my first time in Boracay and I really enjoyed it. The weather was awesome and it was just paradise. I was with Kuya Alvin, his wife Janice, son Jake, Tito Ding, Tita Pilar, Don-don, and Kuya Eric.

We all did crazy stunts for Photographs. Kuya Eric jumped on cliffs, did back flips, nose dive in the beach, and parasailed with Kuya Alvin. It was just an Amazing Vacation.
I'm so excited for Kuya Alvins Wedding when the whole family will be together again! It will be a blast!