02 September 2007

Nadiia Khodakovska

Beauty and Music.
One of the Loveliest, Nicest, and sweetest person I met during my Australia and New Zealand Cruise. She is Ukrainian. Her string Quartet played the most charming music on board. She is very talented and very humble as well, she practices hard and enchants everyone on board the ship with her violin. I love her! she is very special. we met up for cocktails. She and her friends were my date during my last night on board the Sapphire Princess. We had Champagne on Sky Walkers Lounge. Awesome to have met Nadiia! One of my favorite crew on board! We still keep in touch and i can't wait to see her again.

I Made a short video using their very own "all I ask of you" and uploaded it in youtube. Its a photo essay made into a music video.
Nadiia is very beautiful, don't you think? I think she's very LOVELY!