28 September 2007

As a Swimmer

I grew up in the water! Haha! Water and swimming was crafted around my life. These photos were taken when I was 14-16 years old. I learned swimming at the age of 4, competed in swimming races till I was 24, then continued teaching and coaching kids swimming as a profession.


alex r. castro said...

oh, this brings back memories from the deep..As an Aquarian,I had a natural affinity for water and I swam in several meets. Problem is, sports and academics don't mix (at least in those days..), so goodbye swimming. That was fathoms of years of ago..(I still have a couple of Swimming World magazines stashed somewhere though..)

Tan Man said...

Yes I agree! Swimming and Academics is very hard to mix specially here in the Philippines where education is going to school at 7am then leaving school at 5pm. to think We're the only country is doing this to our children. first world countries goes to school 5-7 hours daily with a lot of time to indulge on non academic activities like sports.