02 September 2007

Fiordland National Park, New Zealand

We got to New Zealand at dawn. I remember it was very chilly and still dark when we approached Fiordlands, people was just waking to see the exquisite serenity of the Fiordlands. I can also remember taking photos of the crisp line of the mountains contrast the dark silhouette of the sky. It was a great feeling slowly sailing into a lagoon where the mountain ridges is just about 50 feet away from the ship. You can practically see what kind of vegetation it had, and sometime it got really close to the mountain. Its my first time to see snow-capped mountains so it was really a great experience.

We were on New Zealand's south island so it was really really cold.


Anonymous said...

you misspelled exquisite, dude. 3 guesses as to who this is. imacrazyfansocrazy.