05 August 2008

Europe in Numbers

Tour EiffelTour EiffelTour Eiffel
The most Visited City in the World, PARIS! 44 Million tourist per year. Here are the numbers... In a span of 26 days, I have been to exactly 17 European Countries. I managed to take 4,244 Photographs with my Canon 5D, and another 25 rolls of 120 Film with my candy colored Holga. all this in Europe, frankly, I don't think it is enough to capture its awesomeness! I wish I could have taken more photographs, and brought more film with me... I even looked around for Lomography shops and look for 120films--but very hard to find! My Canon 5D shots amounted to a total of 57.48 GB on my MacbookPro--this will take me more than 2-3 months to sort, edit and upload photos for viewing, hopefully I finish everything before Christmas Holidays... HAHA! So, I ask for a little patience, and everyones understanding :)

Some interesting facts and numbers while I was on my EuroTrip:
167.5 tunnels from Florence to the border of France.
16,000 meters is the Longest tunnel in Switzerland, maybe in Europe
4,400 Km is the distance traveled by Cosmos coach.
37.8 is the average age of the tour group I was with.


aquacorn said...

Wow. Amazing photos, and facts.
Impressive Holga shots. I'm sure it will inspire Alvin to use his. :-)

Keep the photos coming!


Tan Man said...

Thanks Jan!

I am uploading some Holga Shots now, hope you have time to check it out :) I am very happy with the Candy Colored Camera! :)

Thanks again!