26 August 2008

My New Apple iPhone 3G

Just after a day Apple released the iPhone 3G in the Philippines, our friends from Globe Telecom gave me a call informing me my unit was available for purchase. As excited as I am, I quickly went to the Globe Telecom Center, got myself a new mobile number, and my new and squeaky slick 16GB white Apple iPhone 3G. 

I never had a new phone for 5 years--I'm not the kind of person that changes cellphone everytime there is a newer model released. My old O2 XDA II was always faithful and never really crapped up which I'm really thankful for, but I told myself that if Apple officially release the iPhone here in the Philippines, I would definitely get one. Continue my switch from the old and aging PC platform to MAC. The only problem was getting all my contacts from a pocket PC to a MAC iPhone--of course I did it manually, writing and typing all birthdays and contact numbers in my Address Book and iCal. All was worth it! The iPhone is an amazing gadget! it is so amazing that even O2 stores in UK sells iPhone 3G. haha :))


MacTrader said...

The 3G is like having a miniature mac in your possession. You shouldn't have too much trouble with the transition after you get used to some of the new applications.