18 August 2008

Europe through a Plastic Lens

TanManPhoto_HolgaCMY_0249 TanManPhoto_HolgaCMY_0257TanManPhoto_HolgaCMY_0161

All Lomographs were taken with my month old Holga CMY. I am fairly new with Lomography so I really didn't expect it to be this unpredictable... Although I heard it was going to be unpredictably fun, but not like this, it is LEGENDARY AWESOMELY FUN FUN FUN! Taking a photo of something and not caring if it was going to turn out okay or not -- the Holga will do its job. Plus Girls love the Candy Colored P#ssy Magnet--branded by a dutch girl... haha :))

Some rolls had light streaks while others didn't have any at all. some have somewhat flat contrast, and some had very interesting depths. It is fascinating how this Candy Colored Camera can catch the most unimaginable Lomographs with just a few basic photography rules: 
1. don't forget to take off the lens cap while taken a photo. haha :)) 
2. make sure there is enough light or use the bulb option and count 1-2-3... 
3. Make sure that there is Film to wind :P

More to Come from this Camera!


Go Holga said...

awesome shots. I really like the colors. Please check out my site some time if you get the chance :)

aquacorn said...

beautiful pictures Tan. Can't wait for the rest. Alvin