27 November 2008

CamSur through my Candy Colored Holga

CamSur through my Candy Colored HolgaCamSur through my Candy Colored Holga
After almost two years away from CamSur and anything wakeboarding, I finally got a chance to get back on the bindings and cables with a permanent ACL injury and see what's the fuss about wakeboarding again. IT WAS WORTH IT! after all the fears I had with this place (the reason why I got my ACL injury in the first place) I finally broke free from the usual "can I still wakeboard with my injury???" phobia. IT FELT GOOD! 

I'm also very happy I didn't get any other injuries during my visit, It felt good to be back, it was like finding something you've been looking for all these years. although I did not try any kickers or sliders, I must say i will next time I get a chance to...