30 November 2008

Chachi + Jacqui's Engagement (Tagaytay Highlands, onboard an R44 Raven II Helicopter, Manila Bay Sunset)

Chachi + Jacqui Engagement PartyTaal VolcanoChachi + Jacqui Engagement PartyTagaytay HighlandsChachi + Jacqui Engagement PartyManila Bay sunsetChachi + Jacqui Engagement Party
Chachi and Jacqui are two of my closest friends, they recently got engaged in Tagaytay highlands (where Chachi proposed) and had an engagement party afterwards at Top of the Citi (Citibank Tower, Makati City) where most of our friends were there to support chachi (hahaha!) kidding Chach! the party also moved on to a place with no name but it was beside Barcino's and some other bar in Fort Bonifacio. I've never seen Jacqui so happy till then, She just couldn't wait any longer... (hahaha! kidding Jacqui!) But all this was planned of course by Chachi and his best buddies!

(FLASHBACK: 1st week of November 2008)
Iphone: ring... ring... ring... ring...
Chachi: TAN MAN!!!!
TanMan: Waddup Chach!?
Chachi: How are you man? got a minute?
TanMan: yeah man! I'm good, good, and you? whatsup?
Chachi: listen I would like to invite you to take photographs on a helicopter man, I'm planning to take Jacqui up to tagaytay then fly back on the helicopter back to manila on Novemeber 21 (Friday) I'm going to Propo....
TanMan: (blah blah blah excited and scared as hell to get invited to a helicopter flight)
Chachi: I'm going to propose to Jacqui already man!!!!
TanMan: WHAT???? WHHHHYYYY??? (hahahahaha :))))--kidding
TanMan: WOW! That's great news man! it's about time!!!
Chachi: Yeah Man! I'm thinking, I'm doing it na rin, might as well go all out!
TanMan: Yeah Man! I'll be honored to do your engagement photos :)
Chachi: Thanks Man! let's meet up soon to go over the details cuz I'm nervous as hell and you guys are gonna have to keep me sane...
TanMan: hahaha! don't worry about it man!